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Our Projects

Since our founding in 2010, KGSS Ltd has undertaken dozens of engineering projects across different industries. Our task is to overcome new challenges with creative solutions.  We can also design, supply & install steel solutions, where specified by the client.


Raised Flooring Structure

Our client was constructing a water treatment plant as part of the national HS2 project.  The requirement was for a fully GRP raised floor, but with a loading capability of up to 840Kg for the manual movement of the large pumps.  This was engineered to provide this loading & is currently successfully in operation.

Ships Ladders

Galvanised steel ladders were the safest access option given the limited space available in this project.

Handrail run

This span of handrailing was fitted along the whole length of the concrete channel, nearly 100m, to ensure safe passage & essential access for maintenance.

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